Steven Tyler brought me to Hollywood…

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LyLy & Run-DMC

It was in 2013 I believe.  I was browsing on internet at the ASCAP Expo Show website and suddenly, my attention was caught by reading that Steven Tyler would be at the Expo Show in Hollywood that year.

I just love Steven Tyler, I like his looks, his singing, his songs, his personality, the way he dresses, in fact I can’t think of a thing I don’t like about him, he is just Amazing.

I said to myself, I need to go there, I absolutely  want to meet Steven Tyler and see what ASCAP Expo show is all about.

I booked my ticket, hotel, car, etc. and was so ready to finally  meet my idol Steven Tyler in Hollywood.

I thought it is a lot of money to fly, hotel fees, attend the show but I’m sure I will not regret it.

1 or 2 weeks before leaving, I was SOOOO disappointed  to learn that  Steven Tyler cancelled due to an Australian tour.  OH NO! It was too late to cancel , so I decided to go anyway.

I fell in love with L.A., Hollywood, Malibu, Venice Beach thanks to the new friend I found at the ExpoShow.  It turned out to be such a wonderful experience.  I met wonderful people, Katy Perry replaced Steven Tyler and many more great music icons were there.

One day while wandering around the Loews hotel where the show was, I ran face to face with Darryl McDaniels co-founder of Run-DMC . I asked him for a picture and was a little less bitter about not having met Steven Tyler and said to myself “ well there is a connection with Run-DMC  and Steven Tyler :  the song  Walk this Way ”.

On top of it all, I shot my video One Day You Will Miss Me on the last day thanks to my new friend Michael Contreras who accepted to bring me to the hottest place in L.A. and filmed me.

Sometimes in life, you may think a door has closed but there is always another one that opens up.  My experience in Hollywood at the ASCAP made me go back year after year and I can say that it’s always a new experience. I meet new people that struggle just like me in the music business. We share our passion together and meet people that have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. We come to realise that they are human beings just like us, who composed great music and have been lucky to find themselves one good day at the right place with the right songs and meet the right person to give them a break.

We all need someone to take us to where we need to go and I hope I will meet Steven Tyler (ah ah ah). The ones taking me where I need to go are people like YOU, sending me their appreciation by reading and commenting my blogs and supporting me.

I would be very grateful if you would take only 3 minutes of your time to watch the video I filmed that last day in Hollywood of my song One Day You Will Miss Me.

If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of my musical journey, click here to listen to my album Number One.

Thank you so much for being a listener and making it all worthwhile. YOU, the listener, are the most important component in that wonderful chain of songwriting-recording-mixing-getting it out-filming a video -rehearsing-playing live for the fans…at the end it’s all for you that we go through all this process…hoping that someone somewhere will like the songs enough to become a fan and support us.

Thank you for being there giving me your support.

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