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LyLy & OMI

It was again at the ASCAP Expo Show in Hollywood. I told you how much I love to go there and I was so thrilled to see OMI perform his great hit Cheerleader on stage. It was exciting, I just love this song and he is a super performer but most of all a wonderful generous human being. When I met him outdoor and asked for a picture, I didn’t feel he was in a hurry to get rid of me. I felt he was happy to take the time for us to take a nice picture.
This is so important, as an artist, we need the public, our fans to make us happen & exist and even be eternal in some cases……
You are so important. If I ever meet you, I promise I will take the appropriate time to know who you are and what you like the most. I’d like to know what song you prefer, why, what would you like me to sing about, different issues or whatever might make you happy. What is your all-time favourite band or artist ?
Please leave me a comment, I do give a shit!

And if you give a shit about listening to my album, please click here now.

Until next time ! Luv u !


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