My songs are inspired by my Life experience being a sensitive and engaged artist. I always liked singing and the first song I wrote was following 911 tragedy. I was practicing cover songs with Luke & said to him : “You’re a music composer, why don’t we compose our own stuff”. I absolutely wanted to respond to this tragic event with music. Luke went over some instrumental tracks gathering dust sitting in his cabinet and he asked me to listen to many demos and I chose one. I wrote some lyrics and we were surprised by what came out so we created 9 songs in 9 months and the 10th one came really fast. We recorded the album Number 1.
We continued our journey with many single songs. Being a francophone I also wrote some songs in French and one in Spanish so far.
I love pop music so I decided I was going to be a green-pop artist meaning that each song lyrics speaks to a person or to the planet. Depending if you’re a jet-setter or a tree hugger. When listening carefully to the lyrics, you will understand my vision.
I was really into fashion being a hairstylist, partying and travelling but on the other side I studied herbalism, I was involved in green politics, so I guess this makes me a green jet-setter.
One thing I cannot hide is that I don’t tolerate injustice, abuse of any kind and I can become really loud when I see it going around but my true nature is Sensitive & Loving.
I hope you will recognise all these features in my songs. Please listen to Album Number 1 and see if you recognise yourself in all the events that have painted my life experiences.
I really hope I will count you as a fan so we can exchange, comment and hopefully meet one day.
I Love u in my Mind!