Steven Tyler brought me to Hollywood…

LyLy & Run-DMC

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  It was in 2013 I believe.  I was browsing on internet at the ASCAP Expo Show website and suddenly, my attention was caught by reading that Steven Tyler would be at the Expo Show in Hollywood that year. I just love Steven Tyler, I like his looks, his singing, his songs, his personality, the […]

First time on stage…wearing pyjamas !

Pyjama party

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As we all know getting on a stage is pretty frightening. Talking in front of the class in high school was already a scary experience for many of us. I don’t know about you but it certainly was for me. Let me tell you a true story that happened long ago…I was 8 years old. […]

I do give a shit !

LyLy & OMI

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It was again at the ASCAP Expo Show in Hollywood. I told you how much I love to go there and I was so thrilled to see OMI perform his great hit Cheerleader on stage. It was exciting, I just love this song and he is a super performer but most of all a wonderful generous […]